We offer our services to all homes / residential properties in Perth, Western Australia. From spiders to cockroaches we can remove them all. Call us to discuss exactly how we can help you.


Our local organisation also offers our service to all commercial clients including shops | businesses | office | warehouses etc in and around the Peel and Kwinana regions.


Not only do we remove those unwanted pests. We offer complete managements solutions on precautions and preventions to keep the pest problem under control.

Do you live in or around Mandurah & Rockingham and need help with Pest Control?  Well you're are in luck - our local business offers complete pest management solutions. Here are several ways in which you can take back your home or place of business yourself or get professional fumigator to help get rid of pests and other unwanted guests for you. There are many cost effective solutions that can help you prevent further damage and loss to your property with our complete management solutions.

Rats, mice, cockroaches, ants, silverfish, termites are just some of the common unwanteds in households across Western Australia. The first step in eliminating these unwanted species is to identify the type in order to decide on our appropriate course of action. Firstly we need to determine whether you are dealing with a indoor (household) or outdoor (garden) pest in which case the methods of elimination are very different. We always keep up to date with the West Australian standards.

Household Pest Control – can you do it yourself?

It is always quite tempting to solve yourself and not call an expert company to handle the issue for you, but here are some reasons why that may not be a good idea. We would always recommend using a professional - we deal with these situations - day in, day out. We know what we are doing and what to use for different situations.

After our team has determined the specific trouble makers, it is now time to take action. Eliminating the conditions that these pests love is the first key step to fixing the problem.

If you try and keep your home and the rooms as spotlessly clean as possible - this discourages growth of molds and other microorganisms. A main culprit area which should be thoroughly cleaned is the kitchen - bread crumbs and other food remains provide mice with all the nourishment they need. You should always maintain high cleanliness standards in food areas to avoid any infestation. We service all over the Mandurah and Rockingham suburbs.

While the above steps are only preventative measures we may need to use a pesticide - each job is different which we base on the individual circumstances.

Seek Professional Pest Control

When you are dealing with a severe infestation of seasonal pests (or others), you need to call in a professional fumigator - we have all the needed tools, equipment and the right combination of chemicals it takes to eliminate a particular pest with certainty without creating a dead zone for all harmless creatures in the vicinity.

Get high quality control of pests and routine treatment packages all at affordable prices today. We highly suggest follow up checks and treatments to keep those unwanteds away leaving no chance of re-infestation

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